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writing down the bones..
Mar 17 '14
Sep 24 '13
Chance the Rapper - Cocoa Butter Kisses (ft. Vic Mensa & Twista) [Prod. by Cam & Peter Cottontale]

"Cigarettes on cigarettes, my mama think I stank

I got burn holes in my memories, my homies think it’s dank

I miss my coco butter kisses..”

Chance The Rapper - Coco Butter Kisses

Sep 10 '13

I Searched For Sunsets..

For me, they were always where dreams met reality. 

Pictures and postcards on my wall, helping me to stay connected to that dream that I already knew was a reality. Somewhere.. I just had to get there.

I searched for sunsets.

Stuck them to my schoolbooks and walls. Like the face of a young love you don’t want to be without. That reminds you that you are loved, and that you too, love. 

I searched for sunsets.

Over the tops of buildings, and from railway tracks, always broken somehow, damaged by my city’s wonderful landscape, stretching over the top of the streets I call home.

..Mindlessly controlling the suns set. Only leaving us a glimpse of its full beauty and potential.

Just enough that we know it’s there, but not enough to believe that it is ours, that the dream is ours.

I searched for sunsets.

On every new land I ventured to, and I began to find them. Awestruck with every new encounter.

When these sunsets of mine stopped being just pictures and postcards on my wall, and actually became a reality, I realized that within them they still held my dreams.

Somewhere between the colours it seems.

I am rendered useless before them. No words or sounds can fully describe the feeling. It’s like an almost uncontrollable need to somehow be a part of it. Maybe even to somehow own it… just a bit.

They wipe away the mask, slip off the amour and leave me naked and vulnerable. And for a short moment in time, I can feel completely safe and assured in that state.

Because only in that state can I connect to the dream, fully understand what I am being shown.

I never want it to end. To set and disappear, for fear I will lose that feeling, somehow forget and be left empty, disconnected, unable to see the reality of my dreams.

Maybe that’s why I decided to stay close to the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. And of these I’ve now seen many. And each and every time, I feel so blessed.

The thing about sunsets is that they contain endless possibilities. For growth, love, happiness and success. They’re all in there. 

Dreams, possibilities, realities… All the colours of a setting sun. 

I feel like the sunset is the one thing that can remind me to be thankful on a daily basis. We need that. I need that.

It reminds me that we’re not alone, that God lives here too.

Cos maybe if it wasn’t for the sunset, I could forget it. Could you blame me?

The sunset sanes me. It reminds me that I am much more than just this worldly being. I am drawn to it in such an immense and intense way simply because I was, and still am, in some way, a part of it.

I thank the sunset for reminding me of this. And for bringing me closer to whoever God may be, closer to me, and closer to all my dreams that are really just possibilities and realities in their rawest and most incredible colour.

Mar 27 '13

These hours just seem too precious to waste

Unjustified idleness, in creativities place

So I write

How do you count the hours in between?

Subtract each minute, from the sum of my dreams?

These worlds need to coexist

But one feels like it’s holding the other one hostage

What’s worse is there is no Internet AGAIN today

Lack of communication getting in this Communications Manager’s way

Giving me time to remember where i’d rather be…

This 9-5 needs to be replaced

With 24/7 studio space

Cos these hours just seem too precious to waste

Nov 6 '12

'It Takes Two'

Nov 5 '12


I’ve been so inspired by some really amazing poets and spoken word artists recently, so this is my attempt at Learning To Speak My Mind (L.T.S.M.M) through poetry.


Nov 3 '12
"I wanna write down my bones
And put them to a heavy beat
So you can feel what’s in my heart
Right down to your feet."
Mine (via oneofnine)
Nov 3 '12
"Not drawn to you
But borne from you
Made straight from the rib
He took from you
I was born to love you."
Mine (via oneofnine)
Nov 2 '12

It Takes Two.

It takes two to be in love

Many people overlook that fact

No matter how hard or how strong you may love someone

The beauty is in being loved back

Hearts that reside in love on their own

Can’t value actions over the worth of words

Because empty words are all they have

A place to crawl up inside and hide 

From the truth they do not hold


There is no action


It takes two people to be in love


So, when you choose to do it alone

Who’s to blame for the broken heart?


I blamed him

The words he said, that I believed 

That I delved inside so I could read


Coming out with lies 

Half made up by me


But I should have blamed myself

For being too blind to see

I know what love looks like

Why should it be any different for me?

But unrequited love

See’s what it wants to see.

Until it just can’t take any more 

A tired heart in pieces 

On the floor


Because, it takes two to be in love.


So if you choose to do it alone

Who do you blame for your broken heart?


I wonder if he blames me..?


I wouldn’t blame him

I was weak


But I told him I wasn’t looking for anything deep


I kept him at arms length

Never fully part of me

But he was falling in love.

I should have walked away

But I loved him too much to hurt him

So I stayed,


So who’s to blame?


He knew he didn’t have me,

That he never really had my heart


But I guess he chose to go it alone

But you just can’t be in love 

On your own


It takes two


Something I already knew

So I guess this one’s on me too

By Jade Keane

Nov 1 '12


Traditional ways of thinking,

Are destroying the lives of men.

When you just judge things,

By the way you THINK they should be

How can you say you have any real grip on reality?

I don’t think you can.

I think traditional ways of thinking,

Are destroying the lives of man.

I grew up without my father,

He left three months after I was born.

I didn’t take it too personally though,

I knew it wasn’t my fault he got up and left with the dawn.

I knew it wasn’t my fault that he didn’t say goodbye

And I even knew it wasn’t my fault,

He was too weak to even lie.

He just went to work one morning

And didn’t come back. 

Until my twentieth birthday

By which time I was like,

Really…? Seriously…? Your timing is whack!

I grew up without my father

But that is not the definition of how I was raised.

I was brought up but my mother.

Are you familiar with the kind of woman that does it alone?

Who works for her own?

Who loves and raises,

Disciplines and praises. 

Encourages and nourishes                                             

Literally and intellectually,

Always striving to bring out the best in me.

The kind of woman who guides and protects

Whose presence commands respect,

Whose laugh can make you forget

The worst day at work ever!

Just by sitting and catching joke with her.

Are you familiar with that type of woman?

She does it all without complaining,

Without blaming.

Without naming and shaming. 

Traditional? No.


Woman is she.

Traditional ways of thinking are

Suppressing so many women in our society. 

I grew up without a father

So I am proof that it can be done. 

But that’s not to say

That I don’t see the benefits of growing up with one.

I just don’t think that tradition should be used as an excuse,

To justify your own choice to stay. 

“But the kids need their father around”


How many times have I heard a woman say, that 

“It’s for the sake of the kids, I’m not doing this for me,

I can’t teach my son to be a man,

I can’t teach him the lessons only his father can.”

But what kind of man do you want your son to grow up to be?

Look me in my eye and tell me,

“Just like his daddy!” 


And what kind of man do you want your daughter to attract?

The kind of man that berates her,

And beats when she talks back? 

The lessons we teach our children are set by example.

Do as I say and not what I do is cute, but

Where’s the foundation to follow that through? 

We are their blue print. 

A traditional family unit is a blessing of course,

But in what world do you know where a blessing is forced? 

That’s not a blessing. It’s a lie.

The truth is,

If he beats you, he can beat them.

If he disrespects you, he’s disrespecting them.

If he’s abusing you, he’s abusing them.

Traditional ways of thinking are destroying the lives of our children. 

Admit it,

That you are not strong enough to walk away.

And that all the excuses you make,

Are just the reasons why your children have to pay.

It’s okay to admit that you’re scared though,

How else will you know that it’s time to be strong? 

Decisions, just like traditions,

Can be changed

When we know that they’re wrong.

By Jade Keane